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Can Obama Win Re-Election?

Short Answer: Bush did, so why not? People who follow politics – a distinct minority – have been all aflutter about how Obama’s policies (real or imagined) will doom his re-election chances. The vast majority of people won’t start thinking … Continue reading

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Quote Of The Week

From last Sunday, Karl Rove gets schooled on his depravity by former White House spokesman Bill Burton: ROVE: Let’s set the record — let’s set the record straight about what Bill said earlier about rigidity. Yes, there’s rigidity in our … Continue reading

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republicans Raise Taxes

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that republicans are pushing for a tax increase. No not on the donor class or corporations, but on the backs of working and middle class Americans. Shockingly, I agree with … Continue reading

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Economically Viable

In the free and easy days of the early and middle oil rush, companies looked past hard to extract oil and process reserves in favor of more profitable sites. Now, with skyrocketing oil prices, those difficult reserves of oil and … Continue reading

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Could Obama Win Another Feather In His Cap?

It seems that things are moving quickly in Libya, and it looks bad for the local dictator. What chance the media lets Obama take a win for his policies concerning Libya? I thought not.

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Stop Coddling the Super-Rich

This post’s title comes from an NY Times op-ed of the same name by Warren Buffet, a self-made billionaire. Buffet does the unthinkable and points out the obvious. He opens: OUR leaders have asked for “shared sacrifice.” But when they did … Continue reading

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Turning Back The Clock

The trust fund billionaire Koch brothers have spent their money to undermine the schools in Wake County, North Carolina. Using their front group, Americans for (Billionaire’s) Prosperity, they bankrolled candidates for the local school board in order to reintroduce segregation … Continue reading

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Anti-Climax In Wisconsin

For the sake of thoroughness I want to point out that the last two Wisconsin State Senate recall races went to the Democrats. In their attempt to muddy the waters, the republicans waged recall campaigns against several Democratic Senators, but … Continue reading

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Beltway Media

The Sunday morning talking head Fareed Zakaria proves that brains and experience are no shield against being corrupted by living the elite lifestyle. He has highlighted some good ideas at times, but has had one too many cups of the … Continue reading

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Farm Reports

This is just a little aside about life in the corn belt. Having moved to this small, rural town dominated by a large state university I’ve noticed a few differences, one of them being the lack of traffic congestion. This … Continue reading

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