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GOP Triple Feature

First up we have a real Western-style showdown: The republicans hold the debt limit hostage, threatening to cause the U.S. to default on its debt. Yes, these tea baggers wanted to be the first Congress in the nation’s history to tell the … Continue reading

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Higher Education In The U.S.

With the verdict in on Penn State’s Sandusky, the University-commissioned independent report (written by a committee headed by former FBI Director Louis Freeh ) dropped the hammer on the University and football program administrations. The NCAA then stepped in with its verdict … Continue reading

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Charting Economic Inequality

Here are a couple of charts showing the wealth redistribution policies of the republicans over the last couple of decades. The numbers tell the story, but for some explanation, see the DKos post.

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In A Nutshell

McJoan has a post showing an ad produced for Pennsylvania Republican Gov. Tom Corbett’s administration, trying to make the new voter ID laws seem like the last step in the long march toward universal enfranchisement in the United States. It … Continue reading

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Money Can’t Buy Wisdom

With the right wing billionaires, there is little question that what they are trying to do with their “public advocacy” is harmful both to me and society. Some lefties complain that liberal billionaires should join the fray, but that is … Continue reading

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The Oligarchy At Work

Gotta love “closed door” negotiations between multinational business and the U.S. Government to create the Trans-Pacific Partnership: I don’t even know what to say about something like this. I wrote about the leaked copy of this treaty a few weeks ago, and the … Continue reading

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