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updated 8-14-00

NEW — Maps and Paintball info

I’ve made a map to the Paintball field and to the Party in Lockport. I will be mailing these out but just in case, you can view and print it here. There are two versions — a standard web page — and a PDF file. Take your pick.

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[Next post] for last minute info — including the letter sent out 8/14/00.


Paintball and a Party — come for either or both.



Saturday August 19 (8/19/00)



Paintball — 9:00 AM start time — We cannot start until the whole group gets there. We can play until 5:00 PM if we want to — not likely.
Party 6pm — 9pm



We will be playing Paintball at Challenge Park near Kankakee. We will have a “private” game which means we can play at our own speed, and we will be playing against each other. For directions and other good info see their website at

The Party
Rocco’s, 16716 159th Street
Lockport, IL 60441
Located at the corner of 159th and Farrell Road in Lockport.



Paintball will be $50/person — includes semi-auto gun, 500 paintballs, Goggles, lunch, and our own tent. You will probably have to buy more paintballs — see their website for pricing. The deposit is $25.

The cost for the Party should be a minimum of $25. Since only one person has payed in advance for Paintball, I figure everyone will pay up on the day of. Right?



The reservations for the Paintball are the key time constraint. There is a 10 person minimum to reserve a private game. They suggest reserving 30-days in advance — July 19 for us assuming it’s available. We can add players after we make the reservation ($10 extra within 7 days of the event), but we need the initial 10 first — Tom, myself, and at least 8 more.
The Party deadline is August 11. We need to give Rocco’s a count for food.



E-MAIL or snail mail



If you have any questions, email me.
If you have never played paintball, check out the Challenge Park site first.


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