McKernan Bachelor Party: Update


This is it. On Saturday we will separate the Men from the boys. You can throw all your virtual reality games away – we will be experiencing the actual thing, reality in its rawest form. And remember, we are playing not just for ourselves, no indeed. We are playing for all men across this nation, and around the world, who wish that they too could be out playing games with their friends on a Saturday morning.

Enough of the pep talk, here are the details. As of now we have 11 players, five of whom have played before. I’ve split the group up into various teams for the first few games (see table on reverse). This way everyone will play both with and against everyone else.

Here’s an overview of the day.

From 8:30-9:00 AM, arrive at Challenge Park. We cannot start without everyone there. If everyone is there by 9:00, we can start our first game by 9:30. Everyone will need to fill out a waiver, pick up equipment, and take a few practice shots before we can take to the field of battle.

To warm us up, we’ll play two 10 minute games. This will take us to around 10:00 AM. We will go back to the tent to reload, refresh and shift teams.

We will then play four more games, coming in to reload or get drinks as needed. After that, we will play some Speedball until we break for lunch sometime between 12:00 and 1:00 PM.

After lunch, it’s more of the same until we run out of paint or time, whichever comes first. We could safely play until 3:00 PM, and still get to Rocco’s on time. We can arrange for people to wash up and change at Tom’s house or someplace in the neighborhood. You might consider bringing a pair of shorts and a T-shirt for the ride home, particularly if it is muddy.

Speaking of Rocco?s, it’s right up the street from Tom’s place, and we will have the backroom and patio to ourselves from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. There will be food, beer, and soda. Shots and mixed drinks can be purchased at the bar.

One Final Note: Bring your checkbook.

Your fellow Brother in Arms,
Phillip Foley

Things to Wear

First, dress as though you were painting a house with some very clumsy painters. Also, paintball hits can sting, and even leave welts, but they also can bounce off without breaking sometimes. Thus in many cases more clothing can be better, but dress for the weather. Note, too, that darker colors can be harder to see. But remember that if you are moving, someone will see you, and if you are not moving, you’re losing.

  • T-shirt (Long- or short-sleeved), sweatshirt, etc.
  • Jeans, sweatpants, etc. — shorts are not recommended
  • Athletic shoes or light trail boots — combat boots are not required
  • A baseball cap or bandana — to cover the back of your neck

Things to Bring

  • Liquids — Water, Gatorade, etc. with a cooler and ice — no beer, etc.
  • Snacks — Power bars, fruit, etc.
  • Sunscreen, Bug Repellent
  • Driver’s licensee — for the rental equipment
  • Towels — One or two towels for wiping off paint and sweat between games, and one for showering afterwards.
  • Clothes for the ride home/Rocco’s




Games 1-2


Team A

Team B

Tom McKernan Bill Foley
Phil Foley Jim Haworth
Jim D’Angelo Tom D’Angelo
Frank Czuba Sean Morrison
Sean Missey Jason Moser
Joe Foley

Games 3-4


Team A

Team B

Tom McKernan Phil Foley
Jim Haworth Bill Foley
Jim D’Angelo Sean Morrison
Tom D’Angelo Sean Missey
Jason Moser Frank Czuba
Joe Foley

Games 5-6


Team A

Team B

Tom McKernan Phil Foley
Bill Foley Jim Haworth
Jim D’Angelo Tom D’Angelo
Sean Morrison Sean Missey
Frank Czuba Jason Moser
Joe Foley

Games 7-8


Team A

Team B

Tom McKernan Sean Morrison
Phil Foley Tom D’Angelo
Jim Haworth Bill Foley
Frank Czuba Joe Foley
Sean Missey Jim D’Angelo
Jason Moser
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