Sen. John McCrankypants

The GOP is up in arms about Obama traveling around with the usual actors decrying wasted taxpayer dollars for a campaign trip or similar dreck, Some claim it is “playing politics” when the President travels to North Carolina and pushes for $35 billion for teachers and first responders to increase hiring and prevent further layoffs in those areas.

I can understand why the republican national committee is running TV ads about this, but why doesn’t John McCain (R-Hasbeenistan) just fade away?

And John McCain, apparently still bitter about having gotten his ass handed to him in 2008, joins the RNC’s lame attack:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Tuesday ripped again into President Barack Obama’s three-day bus tour that’s winding through two swing states, accusing his former foe of an unprecedented level of campaigning on taxpayers’ dollars. […]

“Never do I believe any of us have seen the kind of activity that the president has engaged in, and all of it being charged to the taxpayers of America,” McCain said on the Senate floor Tuesday. “That’s wrong. That’s the wrong thing to do.”

Evoking his failed run for the presidency three years, ago, McCain noted that he “didn’t need a bus to be paid for and built by the government and the taxpayers of the United States.”

Sure, President Obama is just like McCain in 2008, except for the part about how Obama’s the president, and as such, has unique travel travel requirements. Maybe it would make for a great photo op to put the president on Greyhound or put him on a Southwest Airlines flight, but as long as he’s commander-in-chief, that’s not going to happen, nor should it. No matter how cranky McCain or his Republican Party gets, every president before Obama (including GOP hero George W. Bush) and every president after Obama will do the exact same thing.
They’d love nothing more than for Obama to return to D.C. and give up the fight for jobs legislation, because they just want to sit on their hands without getting challenged for doing nothing. But until they stop blocking progress on a jobs bill, that’s exactly what President Obama will continue to do.

I would disagree with a word in that last sentence. It definitely should not be

. . . what President Obama will continue to do.

and instead, this:

. . . what President Obama should continue to do.

or perhaps,

. . . what President Obama might continue to do.

As for the White House, via the Press Secretary’s twitter feed:

Republicans sure seem upset about POTUS explaining to folks in NC & VA why Congress needs to pass the Jobs Act. Must be hitting a nerve.

In other news from Obama people, Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire’s Quote of the Day:

“Maybe you should go ask Osama Bin Laden if he thought he was prepared.”

— David Axelrod, on Morning Joe, pushing back against the charge Barack Obama was ill prepared to be president.


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