From Anonymous to Amish

TPM is playing with fire. After being cyber-attacked for posting mugs of alleged Anonymous activists, they now have posted mug shots of three hardcore Amish folk:

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department in Ohio has released the mugshots for three of the five Amish men arrested for allegedly breaking into the homes of other Amish men and cutting off their hair and beards.

TPM quotes NYT:

[Myron] Miller, 45, a stocky construction worker and an Amish bishop in the peaceful farmlands of eastern Ohio, found five or six men waiting. Some grabbed him and wrestled him outside as others hacked at his long black beard with scissors, clipping off six inches. As Mr. Miller kept struggling, his wife screamed at the children to call 911, and the attackers fled.

My question is, Why did the wife scream for a call to 911?

I thought the Amish eschewed modern conveniences like electricity. Do they “call 911” Occupy-Wall-Street-style? With one neighbor calling to the next, “Call 911” until a passing motorist or the nearest heathen dwelling is reached:

Clara, hearing something familiar a couple neighbors off, says to Harold, “We’re getting a 911 call.”
As the nearest neighbor yells out Call 911, Harold complains, “It’s the last five minutes of Idol!”
“Hush,” says Clara as she opens the window. “We’ve got at least that long.”
Then she calls out, “For who?”

Or perhaps the victims had cell phones and the attackers didn’t like that.

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