One Problem With Myths

As with stereotypes, cliches, rules of thumb, etc., myths contain a grain of truth. The myth that both sides do it has wrought great havoc in our media through its misapplication to create an unbalanced balance is such a one. Without listing the counter examples, let’s say that many times both sides do the same thing, as in dishing out pork.

In the case of stimulus funds and Solyndra, the republicans decried the loss of tax dollars even though they approve of the effort. How do we know they approve? They do the same thing as in their support of a company known as Ener1:

Many outlets were quick to join in the pile-on, too, drubbing Ener1 as the “second or third next Solyndra,” in the case of Reason and “Another Solyndra?” in the case of Politico. The Business Insider’s piece was originally titled “The Next Solyndra,” as revealed by its URL, but that part of the headline seems to have been scrubbed.

Stearns also highlighted the fact that Vice President Joe Biden visited and gave a speech to the plant almost a year ago to the date, on January 26, 2011:

While that’s true, it’s also worth pointing out that some of the biggest cheerleaders of the EnerDel plant in Indiana were also Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) and Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, both of which whom were captured on video visiting the plant and saying nice things about it.

Daniels toured and spoke at the plant on multiple occasions, including in July of 2011, when EnerDel signed an agreement with a Chinese company Wanxiang (Wang Chung), which an EnerDel executive said was due to Daniels’ influence.

“No single individual has been more important to us than Governor Mitch Daniels, our advocate-in-chief in Washington and on missions abroad,” the executive said, introducing Daniels.

“Indiana is committed to maintaining a climate where innovative businesses like Ener1 can succeed,” Governor Daniels said in his prepared remaks. “We’re very proud to have played a role in bringing these two companies together and look forward to their shared success as they develop the next phase of the electric car industry. Today’s announcement is an example of one of many fruitful partnerships between Indiana and China and shows that the Hoosier economy has a global reach.”

To make it clear, I’m all for the development of alternative energy, even if we lose tax dollars on it (think of our going on eight decades of maintaining our nuclear arsenal if you want to talk about lost money). But who can have a reasonable conversation about anything with these republicans?

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