Today’s Chart: Romney Tax Plan

The Tax Policy Center, which Mittens once praised but now dismisses as liberal, released a report looking into Romney’s tax plan. First, here’s the chart.

In words:

Best case result, according to the TPC: Americans making half a million to a million dollars a year would average a $17,000 tax cut. For middle-class families with children making less than $200,000 a year, the average tax would increase by $2041 a year. The rich, natch, would make out like bandits, millionaires getting an $87,000 tax cut, those making more getting even more out of the deal.

And that result comes from using a model that makes the tax code as progressive as possible. It could be a lot worse.

Yes, those damn liberals were consciously conservative in their analysis, and the plan still sucks. Unless you are Mitt Romney.

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