Deluded Right-Wing Religious Zealots

The bigots are getting their panties in a twist over the so-called successes of the gay agenda in flooding the airwaves with TV shows “designed to desensitize Americans to the genuine risks of the homosexual agenda.”

I should note, the quotes are from

Charisma [which] has posted an article by Louis Sheldon, the founder of the Traditional Values Coalition entitled “The Plan for a Gay (Domi) Nation,” where he lamented that young evangelical Christians have become more open to gay rights and don’t see homosexuality and the Christian faith as incompatible.

Heaven forefend! Let us pray that our bigoted ways will find fertile soil in the next generation!

In decrying the “homosexual agenda,” our man in the closet stated that “over the last decade, overtly pro-gay programs such as Will and Grace, Queer as Folk, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, The L Word and Glee have ” blah blah blah.

Over the last decade? It’s mid 2012 now, so that goes back to 2002. QAF lasted until 2005, and WAG until 2006. QE went from 03-07, and the L Word from 04-09. Glee is only one of two shows on broadcast TV, and is the only current show, cited here. Glee is just starting its fourth season (on Fox, no less). The hey-day of the gay television show seems to have passed.

Mister Narrowmind then adds this: “Again, homosexuals are invariably portrayed as funny, sensitive and caring individuals.” Invariably? Even if true within the shows, that’s no big deal. Since the advent of television the status quo was gay-bashing, as when two or more men are caught (i.e., scripted) in a sexually compromising situation, and one invariably says, “But, hey, I’m not gay or anything.”

In daily life, similar words were used as well – always having to affirm one’s heterosexuality especially if you happen to stand up for gay rights. At some point the tide began to turn, and the joke was on the bigots rather than the gays. Among friends, saying not that I’m gay or not that your gay became a funny riposte between open-minded individuals to riff on the stupidity of being bigoted.

More recently, I’m not sure when, a new line was added to the cant. What to say when you want to mock the bigotry or assert your heterosexuality, but you are among people who may not know you? Something like, “Hey, I’m not gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” So, yes, it seems the anti-bigot agenda is advancing apace.

Meanwhile, Mister Proteststoomuch uses phrases like “accept homosexuality as a normal and natural choice” and “accept homosexuality as a valid lifestyle choice.” His use of the word choice in the context of sexual orientation is specious. Just ask any heterosexual when they decided to not be gay, but rather to be attracted to members of the opposite gender.

To my mind, the only “choice” involved is one of expression (not feeling), and the most common case is a closeted homosexual pretending with all his heart to be “normal.” Choosing to pass in the heterosexual world, and hating to the core anything that reminds him of what he is missing.

If that were not enough, the author falls off the cliff into shadows and conspiracies:

Yet behind the scenes, how many people realize that organizations such as the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation actually have veto power over many of these scripts and can actually force directors and producers to rewrite dialogue that casts an unflattering light on homosexuals?

Really? GLAAD? Behind the scenes, nobody “realizes” this conspiracy because it is not there.

According to this blogger, “GLAAD has a $7 million annual budget, and it seems an awful high amount for a jobs program for professional Gay Inc types.” To clarify, this guy is upset that people who have all the money are running the show. This is kind of like Occupy Gay where this guy in the 99% (of Gaydom) has better ideas than the One Percent at foundations and such who call the shots. I don’t know enough to know if he is right, but it might appease him to know how successful they have been – at least according to Mister Zealot from above.

With that $7 million per year, beyond what all else they do, GLAAD has managed to get a “veto power” stranglehold on the television industry. For reference, the budget for Glee alone is around $3.5 million. Per episode.

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