More Lone Wolves

One day this happened:

An Army veteran with possible ties to white supremacist groups was identified on Monday morning as the tattooed gunman who opened fire a day earlier at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, killing six people before being shot to death by a police officer.


About 24 hours after the massacre, a few details were starting to emerge about the man who allegedly carried out what was being called a “possible act of domestic terrorism.”

It’s all OK. The word terrorism is in quotes so we can dismiss it.

The next day, this:

A second fire in less than five weeks occurred at a mosque in Joplin, Missouri early Monday morning. The cause of the latest inferno is still unknown, but Monday’s flames were much more devastating than those that occurred July 4, in an incident that authorities later determined was an act of arson.

So last month someone tried to burn down the mosque (i.e., arson), but this most recent fire merely “occurred” at the mosque. Face it, the domestic terrorist came back to finish his work.

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