The Rich Are Different

I rarely go to the Huffington Post these days, as the trashy headlines generally oversell the already fluffy stories. That said, I came across this story that has me saying WTF: Millionaire’s 6-Year-Old Son Was Murdered: Report

As it turns out, this particular headline undersells the fact that the millionaire’s 6-year-old son and 34-year-old girlfriend both died within days of each other. The boy’s death from a fall off a balcony was ruled an accident (the girlfriend was in the house at the time and found him), and her death two days later was ruled a suicide. She was found hanging naked from an outdoor balcony with her ankles and wrists bound. Yes, they ruled it a suicide. Two days after the boy accidentally died.

Who found the girlfriend? The millionaire’s brother, who is living in the mansion’s guest house (Kato Kaelin, anyone?) Additional investigation spurred by the parents of the girlfriend and the mother of the boy turned up significant evidence heretofore unknown such as the blunt force trauma to the head experienced by the girlfriend and the fact that the six year old boy was beaten before he was tossed or perhaps jumped while fleeing over the balcony.

Local cops say . . .

A Coronado Police Department spokeswoman said that officials will review the new report, then determine whether or not to reopen the investigation.


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