Love The Sinner, Not The Sin

Mitt Romney (R-Obscuristan) has chosen Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan (R-AynRandisatn) as his running mate in 2012. The Democrats are delighted:

Democratic candidates like Rep. Kathy Hochul (D-NY), who won an upset special election focused on Ryan’s Medicare plan shortly after Republicans took over the House, are already jumping on the news.

“Just one year ago, western New York voters rejected the Ryan-Collins policies that would end Medicare as we know it and hurt middle class families while giving more tax cuts to the rich,” Hochul said in a statement. “Our country needs to move forward, not re-hash failed ideas.”

Although embracing Paul as his VP choice, Romney is still trying to distance himself from Ryan’s disastrous (on many levels) budget proposals. Good luck with that.

Also, from Atrios:

The Education and Jobs Of Paul Ryan, According To The Wiki

  • Public high school.
  • Public university.
  • Worked for family business.
  • Congressional staffer, with service jobs for additional money.
  • Speechwriter for Jack Kemp.
  • Staffer for Sam Brownback.
  • Member of Congress.

Capitalism, just as Rand envisioned.

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